The Cloud Gatherer

by Ovid's Withering

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ArpKor thumbnail
ArpKor Hard to describe these guys...
At the first hear its Deathcore but then it gets something between that and melodeath with a lot of progressive parts! I like! \m/ Favorite track: The Omen of Lycaon.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith thumbnail
Alexander Smith I've literally never have been moved so much by a single album. Ovid's Withering got my creative juices flowing and inspired me to write my novel series, thank yall so much... RIP
syn thumbnail
syn Djenty deathcore with black metal overtones. This is the first I've heard from this band and it may be my new favorite core band.
10/10 Favorite track: Oedipus Complex.
Samuel Cripps
Samuel Cripps thumbnail
Samuel Cripps Brutal,Hard Hitting and HEAVY! Favorite track: Panikon Deima.
Jarl Hamm
Jarl Hamm thumbnail
Jarl Hamm Heavy AF yet stunning. Never gets old. Favorite track: Oedipus Complex.
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released March 7, 2012

Guest guitar solo on Oedipus Complex by Jakub Żytecki

Guest vocals on The Omen of Lycaon by Jamie from The Absence.



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Ovid's Withering Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Panikon Deima
They watched on, as he rose, the God of the shepherds and flocks
His plan coherent with his laughter
Driven by madness he starts his approach
And his obsession will embody his own fated mind
Escaping the hold of the enemy..he's gaining his ground
As the legions of the mire begin their descent

"I've had enough. All of your lies and deception will falter, its not your place to alter the course of it all..
I have gone so far to bestow this, your threats are worthless, and you'll never take me alive..

I have survived, and I've waited so long just to share with my love all these melodies
Enticed by the sweet wretched sounds of belial. I have awaited this night, my Stygian Bride..
Playing the part in this undying love
It is done.
You are mine forevermore..."

She crawls on her knees, miasma slowly lavishing as her cries become whispers
Her whispers, a soothing lullaby to his ears
Clawing and clawing, she'll never find a way
Gasping, as panic fills her lovely face

"Begone, oh the horror of it all
Can't you see she is dying?
I am omniety, no more will I take all these orders from you like a slave
For ages you will hear of these Caves..I will find the answer
But you've given up on us both

All of your lies and deception will falter, its not your place to alter the course of it all..
I have tried so hard to forget this, you will regret this, and you'll never take me alive.."

Rising from the throne, he slowly staggered to the darkness of the Caves
Weakening and maddening, he reached for his blade
"You will beg for my recognition as a disciple amongst the plague"

A figure stood before him, as he raised his bloodied hands to his eyes.
"Panikon deima ero vestri terminus"
Track Name: Oedipus Complex
Beautiful moonlit skies are torn asunder, and the king is pulled from sleep.
As the rain wildly stabs the earth, his servants storm the room
His eyes widen as he's revealed the truth.
Grave divinity subsides and he is struck with fear

'Mi'lord, the Gods have turned against you! Oedipus has gone mad! Laius..he comes for the throne.'

"He dares declare war on his own?..After all that I've done..Oh, God, he wouldn't.. "

"What is this I see? Your eyes look upon me in disbelief.
I will but honor you, father, by bathing in your blood..
I've waited ages for this day
You're but a stain upon my blade
A wasted breath, not fit to be a sire

Tsk, take far too long to die
I've waited and waited..and finally I'm putting an end to this."
He jumped at the chance to seize his heirloom: The Kingdom of Thebes
Blessed by the passage of his lineage
"You cower in the shadow as you cling to your life evermore;
Now I will rip out your heart


I loved you
I am down on my knees
I beg you just take me away from this place
Its all your fault
I am begging you please
Just take me instead, take me in her place"

Beautiful moonlit skies are torn asunder, and the king is forced to weep.
As the knife wildly stabs his face, he ponders certain doom
His eyes were flooded as he fell to the floor
He writhed in agony..without her solace, he can not survive

"Oh, why have you taken my wife?"

"Finally, I see.. My eyes are drowned in disbelief.
I did but honor you, father, by bathing in your blood..
I have given everything...and its over now
You were a stain upon my blade..
Oh how I'd forgotten..the power I'd have..control of a shattered dominion!"
But disgraced by his longer with reason to live..
"I will end this now."

The dagger paints a portrait of respite 'cross his throat
A waterfall of red
The only way to halt his suffering

"At last...I've won my fell for fell..."
Track Name: The Omen of Lycaon
Upon the shores of the Aegean sea
A wilted King is brought to madness
And with great delerium
He vows to reveal an enigma begot by the gods

"You are defying an oath. I will see you brought down from your place in this world.
You will fall from the throne.
I am God. I will not be forgotten."

Nigh, In the darkness of night, a sudden noise awakens Nyctimus from his slumber
In terror, he watches the blade as it parts him again and again
Devoured by doctrine, he's murdered his son and his name is forever bemired
So it is done.. his lips slowly pursed in a smile
His plan was unbroken; perfection; unthinkable

"What have I done? Deserting my beloved son... A vital accord."

Approaching his haven enveloped in blood..he places the offering before him
The Cloud Gatherer turned in disgust
The Omen of Lycaon

'What say you now? You stand before the judgement of all this is boundless.
Admit transgression amidst imperial eyes!
You thought it absolute; your design to rid of us all..
There is no place for you, cursed Arcadian.

Lycaon threatens to beset my honor. In turn, I've slaughtered his 50 sons..
And as a fetid remnant of society, he's gifted with promise of suffering.'

(Lycaon)-You will be proved as a mortal. Can't you see that I am forever entwined?
(Zeus)- Plead benevolence! For the one who is damned is he who commits heresy!
(Lycaon)-I am Lycaon, King of Arcadia, and you are my martyr.
(Zeus)-Blasphemous conspirator! You are lost in the circle of genocide.

'What say you now? You stand before the judgement of all this is boundless
Admit transgression amidst imperial eyes
You thought it absolute; your design to rid of us all
There is no place for you, wretched Arcadian scum'

As he turned in contempt..his limbs altered suddenly
His skin anon crawled into form
His bones melt like glass in this nocturnal forge
'You will embody the truth for eternity.'
Track Name: The Reckoning.The Summoning.The Purge.
Lyrics :

(Pan) - "Kneel before the one wields eternity, or fall to the remnants of a broken empire Give up your lives..and set aside all your doubts."

He pressed forth, but on the third dawn of winter, desire ravaged as he searched for his love. Four sleepless moons had passed..all reminiscing of the night they met..when she bore into his soul. Prometheus, the torchbearer of suffering, hath traveled the edges of earth, to face the god of the wild..

For he was guilty of treason, And kidnapped a woman of heir! Oh how he longed for the touch and the kiss of his angel...

(Prometheus) - "I have had enough Pan non effugiat diem hanc! "Where are you?! This bastard eludes me again and again.. You will not simply disappear this time. This is the end.

And as he turned, the light left the corridor. The air grew quiet as the torches extinguished, and blackness engulfed the cave. Dillusions of grandeur consumed him as he closed his eyes..chanting incantations to the artifice of the forsaken throne.

(Pan) - "Stupid whore..we are destined to rule, but you're a waste of my time I will not fall prey to the earth; or the makers who wield it. Open this box!"

-The Reckoning. The Summoning. The purge.-

(Pan) - "Obey me! I've asked you this question again and again.. We have no time for this, my dear...its time. This is the end.

One by one, I'll slaughter them..I will take my own life if I have to...
Anesidora, the essence of death is entwined to our melody..."

(Prometheus) - "Enough. I've come to take her away..unhand her, and give her to me!"

(Pan) - "You are meddling in affairs far beyond your control, Prometheus..go away, go away!"

Then, engulfed in fire, he advanced on his enemy. Cowering in fear, Pan was cornered... Suddenly, he grinned, snarling "I think I'll keep her" as he pressed his dagger across her throat.

(Anesidora) - "Release me ophidian..alas, I am the key to the terraphage.."

(Pan) - "The harlot is finally speaking...pity you're just a bit late."

The ground began to shake The structures surrounding fell to ruin

(Pan) - "You are treading on the grand design.."

(Prometheus) - "She's innocent, just kill me in her stead!"

The girl began to shake as she witnessed the terror unfold before her..and with a wicked smile on his face, he smeared the blood of her lover off on her cloak.

Wrought, she collapsed to the floor as she cried out to the heavens.
Begging and pleading..there has to be another means to this..

(Anesidora) - You and I were meant to be as one.. We were meant to be forevermore..

Crimson filled the skies, as the storm began to circulate the cavern. Drowning in avarice, he grabbed her by the arm..Their bodies thin to shadow, as they descend upon the artificiant throne.